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Building a Remarkable Culture

Imagine a world, where people believe the best in one another, want the best for one another and expect the best from one another. How do you go about creating this remarkable culture? In this episode Mzwandile shares five ideas to creating this remarkable culture: Love, Trust, Awareness, Diversity &…
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Year End Audit

As we close off the year, let’s take some time to evaluate how we have grown so that we can make the necessary adjustments for the year 2022. Did you prioritise your values in the year 2021? Was there a healthy correlation between your values and the time you invested?…
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Candid Conversation with Ackson King Mwami

Leadership is all about sacrifice, there is always a sacrifice for change. The sacrifice of success includes; letting go of the comfort zone, learning to embrace being alone and sacrificing money for advancement. In this episode Mzwandile has a fascinating conversation with leader, mentor, author and world-class speaker Ackson King…
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Opportunity Cost

So many opportunities in front of you, how do you choose which to pursue? In this fascinating episode Mzwandile walks us through a grid of questions to consider in order to sift the opportunities in front of you. If I pursue the opportunity: – How much time could I lose…
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Becoming a Person of Influence

Everyone has influence, the question is how are you using it? Are you building meaningful relationships over time? In this podcast episode Mzwandile speaks to the journey of becoming a person of influence. He shares fives thoughts on how best you can grow your influence: Intentionality, you need to be…
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Are you creating or tolerating? Productivity is the state of being able to create particularly at a high quality and quick speed. It’s hard to be productive when your creativity and pace is compromised. Do you sometimes wish, you had more time? Do find yourself overloaded and failing to invest…
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