Mzwandile MagagulaMzwandile MagagulaMzwandile Magagula
Life Coach | Leadership Expert
Tasbet Park
(Mon - Sat)
(10am - 05 pm)

An extraordinary life starts with self care.

Discover three simple actions you can take right now to
positively impact your  Personal Growth and Life Skills.

Leadership Expert

Coach| Mentor| Speaker| Strategist

Vision & strategy development

No matter how great the idea trapped inside your head is, its realization depends on your ability to take action. I’ll help you develop and implement your vision.

Consultancy & advicing

Part consultant, part motivational speaker, part therapist, part friend, and part sounding board. We help you clearly define your win and go to the next level personally and professionally.

Leadership coaching

Leadership is taught. Identify your zone of brilliance as a leader. Develop yourself and the leaders around you. Make indispensable to your clients and your organization.

Request for consulting.

I’m ready to help you maximise your growth! Take charge of your development as well as emotional well-being. If you are ready to start taking decisive action and establish consistency, let’s chat.

About my consulting

Does more than give you tools and strategies, helps you use them consistently to achieve your goal stages.

  • Save time – we focus on the details.
  • Grow – you keep your focus on Personal Development.
  • Practical advice & Thinking Purpose Discovery
What some of my clients say:


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We’re here to help. If you can’t find the right speaker you need, or would like speaker ideas tailored to your event.

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46 Matumi Street , Tasbet Park, Witbank, 1040.

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(+27) 13 692 3727
(+27) 74 322 4753

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