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I remember when I started working for a TV production company in 2017, it was something I’ve always wanted to do, but it quickly turned into one of my least favourite work experiences, and the cause of that was my lack of self-confidence.  I had been unemployed for a while…
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Doing away with a toxic culture

Often times we find ourselves victims of a toxic culture that we have inherited and even deem it to be a norm. It doesn’t have to be like that, your culture is what will help build sustainable business and growth, it’s the process that guarantees the quality of the product.…
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Moral Authority

Success lies within leading yourself well. It begins with you understanding who you are, identifying where you’re going. Being intentional about learning how you process information and experiences, the underlying motive as to what informs your behaviour, what pushes you or propels you to do certain things or how you…
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Transformational Leadership

Time and intention are key in leadership development. “Everything rises and falls on Leadership”. John C. Maxwell The assumption is that Leadership is automatic, which gives birth to the question of whether leaders are born or made, as Myles Munroe in his book the Spirit of Leadership puts it, “There…
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Are you doing it right?

Often times one might think that they are not successful and be frustrated because the success is not yet visible, possibly because it is still inward and needs to translate outwardly. I remember an experience I had at the gym when I went in for the first time, all confident,…
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The Value of Time

Time is a beautiful gift we’ve been given. In this post I’d like to share a few thoughts I have on time. TIME HAS MEDICINAL QUALITIES I believe that God has somehow embedded medicinal qualities in time, as the saying goes ” It gets better with time”,  this is true…
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Think |Time

One of the areas one needs to take an initiative to work on when one intends to change the course of one’s life is in one’s thinking. ‘You are today where your thoughts have brought you.  You will be tomorrow where your thoughts will take you.’  – James Allen. Our…
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Personal Leadership

Growing up I used to be a leader, I’ve intentionally placed the word in italics for emphasis simply because that is what it was, just a word. It was more a noun to me more than anything. Leadership was having a badge as an RCL or MLC (Representative Council of…
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