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Year End Audit

As we close off the year, let’s take some time to evaluate how we have grown so that we can make the necessary adjustments for the year 2022. Did you prioritise your values in the year 2021? Was there a healthy correlation between your values and the time you invested?…
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It begins and ends with you.

“The best way to conquer life and everything around you is to start by conquering yourself.” Leadership beings with you, but it doesn’t end there… Leadership also ends with you. In this episode we will be navigating through several key areas which a leader needs to lead in first before…
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Behind the Scenes of Leadership

There’s quite a lot that goes on behind the scenes of leadership, where there is no glamor, applause, spotlight.Where you lead for the audience of one, sometimes you become you biggest critic. In this episode we look behind the curtain on all the hidden aspects of leadership, the uncomfortable conversations,…
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Leadership Soft Skills

There is more to leadership than meets the eye. Leadership is built by soft skills and traits like resilience, awareness, connecting, self-regulation, relationship management which are a great predictor of future success. In this episode Mzwandile challenges us to intentionally develop the following five skills: Resilience, Growth, Awareness, Connecting and…
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Relational Nutrients

There is so much wealth that comes in the form of relationships. As leaders we need to build healthy relationships that will help us go further faster. The depth of your relationships will inform the height of you emotional and social health. Identifying relationships that pour into you as a…
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Who’s Driving?

Who’s in the driving seat? Who actually has the steering wheel of your life? Often times we find ourselves in different seasons of our lives, having different drivers leading us to different destinations.Growing up you don’t have a choice as to who’s driving, but the older you get, you can…
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Leadership is a Verb

“Just do it.”, a famous slogan by the Nike brand, which is so true for leadership.Leadership is beyond what you know it’s more what you do. A lot of leaders get stuck in having a lot of ideas which they never implement, and others ask themselves: ‘Am I a leader…
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