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Guest Interview

Climbing the ladder: A conversation with Pertunia Sibanyoni

In this two part episode we are joined by a change-maker and trail blazer, Pertunia Sibanyoni. The CEO of InspectaCar (PTY) who oversees business operations for both the franchise and financial services and is responsible for building the InspectaCar brand. Mzwandile talks to Pertunia about her leadership journey, passion for empowerment, mentorship and women’s leadership. […]
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Mental Health: A conversation with Gen Z

A generation that is racially and ethnically more diverse than any previous generation, and they are on track to be the most well-educated generation as yet. Digital natives who have little or no memory of the world as it existed before smartphones.  A generation that matures quicker biologically and cognitively yet lags behind socially and […]
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Do it scared: A conversation with Jacob Msipha

Often times leadership is scary, we have to lead with our knees shaking in our pants. You have to tread uncharted territory, cast vision of a future you have not experienced but believe exists.   In this episode Mzwandile has a fascinating conversation with trailbazor, thought leader, philanthropist, husband and pastor Jacob Msipha on the […]
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Understanding GenZ -Part 2

Welcome back to Part 2 of Understanding GenZ. In this episode we look at generation defining moments.  We delve into the impact of Covid -19, how it is affecting them and what are they learning? We learn more about the effect of the pandemic on their beliefs and attitude towards the future? What can parents […]
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Understanding GenZ -Part 1

Have you ever wondered what is going on inside the Mind and World of GenZ? What is GenZ? First Let’s go over the Birth Overview: Generational Birth Years.Baby Boomers- Born in 1946-1964 Generation X -Born in 1965-1976 Millennials -Born in 1977-1995 Generation Z -Born in 1996-2015 Today’s Guests for this episode, are GenerationZ (GenZ). In […]
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