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Do it scared: A conversation with Jacob Msipha

Often times leadership is scary, we have to lead with our knees shaking in our pants. You have to tread uncharted territory, cast vision of a future you have not experienced but believe exists.   In this episode Mzwandile has a fascinating conversation with trailbazor, thought leader, philanthropist, husband and pastor Jacob Msipha on the […]
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Leadership Timing

The law of timing says: “when to lead is as important as to what to do and where to go.” As leaders we are often faced with having to take action and make decisions, however timing needs to always be factored in. In this episode Mzwandile shares a few thoughts on the factors to consider […]
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Social Intelligence

Social skills are defined as an individual’s ability to use interpersonal skills and behaviors that are pleasing to others in social interactions. Social skills are important in an individual’s life because they often are a good indicator of future success in your professional development and career. In this episode Mzwandile shares eight social skills that […]
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Understanding GenZ -Part 2

Welcome back to Part 2 of Understanding GenZ. In this episode we look at generation defining moments.  We delve into the impact of Covid -19, how it is affecting them and what are they learning? We learn more about the effect of the pandemic on their beliefs and attitude towards the future? What can parents […]
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Understanding GenZ -Part 1

Have you ever wondered what is going on inside the Mind and World of GenZ? What is GenZ? First Let’s go over the Birth Overview: Generational Birth Years.Baby Boomers- Born in 1946-1964 Generation X -Born in 1965-1976 Millennials -Born in 1977-1995 Generation Z -Born in 1996-2015 Today’s Guests for this episode, are GenerationZ (GenZ). In […]
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Oops I did it again!

Have you ever made a bad decision? A decision/mistake you told yourself you would never make again?As leaders we are often times faced with having to make decisions. Decisions that don’t only affect us but they also affect those around us. These decisions have a domino effect. How do you bounce back after having made […]
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Lessons from King David

What do you do when you are able, equipped and anointed for a position, yet are not given room to display your ability. It is rather quite difficult place to be, when the one in authority has it in for you and all you want to do is serve them. In this special episode we […]
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