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The Value of Time

Time is a beautiful gift we’ve been given.

In this post I’d like to share a few thoughts I have on time.


I believe that God has somehow embedded medicinal qualities in time, as the saying goes ” It gets better with time”,  this is true in a lot of areas. When dealing with pain and loss beyond comfort and love one receives time has a beautiful way reaching and healing the deep emotional wounds and pain experienced due to loss.

Growing up I used to be extremely energetic and playful, this other day I was playing a with neighbor, jumping on the bed,  throwing a balloon at each other, the spirits were high until I missed a step and fell backwards.  The sad thing was that I fell to the window and received cuts from the broken glass.  The ER had to urgently rush me to the hospital to attend to the bleeding and get a few stitches. The reason this memory is so fresh to me is because it affected my first day at school.  Without a choice, I had to go to school with a bandage around my head whereas other kids were having the time of their lives on the jumping castle and my situation did not allow me that opportunity.

The pain that I experienced at that moment as a kid disadvantaged me in so many ways however I came to realize that years later even when the pain is no longer there, the scar still remains.

As you heal from certain pains or spaces of discomfort,   scars may remain but time has a way of taking care of the pain and its effects. 


Time gives one perspective on certain things that might be big and pressing at that particular moment when measured against time they seem to no longer hold water.

Certain relationships which in the earlier stages of your life, your life hinged upon; might not carry the same weight now, because time gives us perspective and may come as a great revealer.

Allow time to help you get perspective when faced with a situation of having to make an important decision.

My father taught me not to kiss on the first date with a view to allow time to mature the relationship.


If you use your time wisely by evaluating your experiences, it provides you a canvas to try again, but if you fail to improve your skills or the quality of the resources, you will keep getting the same results.  As I mentioned earlier, ‘it gets better with time’ which is true, everything gets better with time including the negative and neglected areas.  Imagine a well maintained yard if they keep maintaining it by constantly watering the grass, it gets greener and remain attractive and inviting.  Should they however begin to neglect it, pests, weeds and thorns will begin to affect and take all its nutrients.  It may ultimately destroy the whole grass, if it is a case of an abandoned house, it will definitely get dilapidated.


  1. Use your time as a commodity. Invest it instead of spending it.
  2. Daily ask yourself in which areas can you invest your time, that will give you a high ROI?
  3. Maximise each and every second as it feeds into a minute, the minute into an hour, the hour into a day, the day into a week, the week into a month, the month into a year, the year into the  length of your life. 

Stay safe and steward your time wisely.

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