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Are you doing it right?

Often times one might think that they are not successful and be frustrated because the success is not yet visible, possibly because it is still inward and needs to translate outwardly.

I remember an experience I had at the gym when I went in for the first time, all confident, dressed in my gym wear, ready to build my “dream body”. I had my headphones on, to avoid any interruptions and focus on the grind.

I started on the tread mill, after hissing and puffing, I completed my 10 kilometres, did my core exercises, which weren’t as bad, I then moved to the weight section, you should’ve seen me go! I began lifting the weight machine and did 50 reps, took a break and went for another set. There came along a muscular gentleman who sat next to me on a similar machine, but surprisingly he seemed to struggle to lift the weight, he did 20 reps and rested. It appeared to be a mission, as I looked at this strange sight, how something I did with ease seemed to be a mission to someone who was built for it.

I then realised that I was doing it wrong all along, I had not added weights to the machine, hence it was easier to lift the machine, but there was no impact in muscle development.

I relay this story because often times we go about life doing certain things with our all, thinking we’re on the right track.

It’s important to take time to reflect on whether what you are doing is the right thing. Over and above that are you doing it the right way?  Lest you invest your time, energy, resources in the wrong direction.

In this blog post I would like to share three checkpoints to consider whether you are doing it right:

  1. What do you consider to be the right thing to do?

After having answered this question, ask yourself what is the wise thing to do? As you might be doing the right thing but not necessarily the wise thing to do in light of your present circumstances, your past experiences and the future you are building towards.

2. How are other people whom you relate and identify with, doing it?

This is an important checkpoint because it causes you to take a look around you, moving the focus away from you. This process becomes more impactful when you have identified people who you are learning from, who share the same philosophy, beliefs and values as yours.

3. Am I experiencing growth/progress?

When doing something the right way, it comes with stretching, enlargement and growth. At times the growth might not be visible immediately, but the pain will attest to the fact that something is happening. The muscle pull, if consistency is maintained, will translate to visible results. If you are not feeling the weight, chances are you might be doing it wrong.

This post is not exhaustive in approach but is meant as a reflection tool, when doing something ask yourself: 

Am I doing it right or just passing time? The fruit will speak for itself.

Define what success is to you?

To me success is being in the centre of God’s will for my life, adding value to others, and making the world a better place than when I found it.

Success is now! What am I doing now to add value to others? Also am I doing it right?

You need to have metrics that you measure your success with, constant metrics, especially in a changing world.

Firm values, principles and people who hold you accountable.



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