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Make 2021 Your Best Year Ever!

It is that beautiful time of the year where we get to reflect on the year and plan for the year ahead.

I have to admit though that it is a bit different this time around, things are not normal…

Our December holidays have been altered in so many ways, in our part of the world, we usually spend this time with loved ones, enjoying great food, music and community!

Our president recently addressed us as a Country announcing that the country will be moving back to Level 3 of lockdown with adjusted regulations and this is due to the surge of Covid-19 cases.

Safety is now at the fore front, with the curfew in place we now have more time with our immediate family and loved ones. It has since moved from stats and numbers to people you know and love dearly.

We have learnt to appreciate life and the relationships we have around us.

It is so easy to let your guard down because of so many reasons, it has been so long, it is people you know, however I encourage you not to let your guard down.

It is also easy to allow oneself to drift in the new year as you made so many plans for the year 2020 which didn’t materialise. In as much as we can’t control nor predict what will happen in the new year as we continue to navigate this pandemic, we can predict and create our future by making small incremental changes that will help us design the life we want.

In this post I really would like to share a few questions that when answered correctly will give you a guideline that you can use to flesh out for the goals you want to set in the year 2021.

The mistake we make often times when we think about goals we usually tie them down to our professional growth/ financial growth and overlook other areas of functioning.

And I would love for us to take well rounded/holistic approach to goal setting looking at the different domains of your life and asking yourself the question 

“ What will it take to create an awesome life?”

The first part deals with your values & priorities this is important as

“ You can’t change your life until you change something you do daily.”

John C. Maxwell
  1. What are your most important priorities in life?
  2. Is your life aligned around those priorities?
  3. What is it that I have learnt in 2020 that you want to learn more of in the year 2021?
  4. What habits do you need to form or steps you need to take in order to be able to achieve your goals for the new year?
  5. What can you do daily to facilitate your growth?
  6. Relationally, which relationships do you need to nourish in the new year? 

List your life goals in the following domains:



Spiritual Life


Personal Growth

Professional Growth


Emotional wellbeing & attitude.

“What is my vision for all of these different domains of my life? 

When I’m looking 25 years down the road, where do I want to be?”

That can help to inform your goal setting as you think about that.

What can you do this year (2021) to bring you closer to the goals mentioned above?

Break these down to quarterly goals and if possible monthly/daily goals steps you can take towards achieving the set out life goals. That is where the action plan comes in.

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