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Living an Inspired Life: A conversation with Darren August

You never get to the place where you achieve your dream and it ends, there’s always a new dream to be pursued.

People follow leaders who have a dream because there’s a dream inside of every single person, some forget about it, sometimes it’s dormant, sometimes that dream feels like it’s dead, but it can still be resurrected and so people connect with dreamers and leaders who are able to dream because they have a dream inside of them.

In this episode Mzwandile has a conversation with Darren August, a sought after global speaker, trainer, MC, skills development facilitator,Life Coach & author of “A Teacher Changed My Life.”  This episode will help you realise how every single day you have an opportunity to create defining moments. It will leave you feeling inspired, challenged and empowered with practical steps that are necessary to take action.

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