Mzwandile MagagulaMzwandile MagagulaMzwandile Magagula
Life Coach | Leadership Expert
Tasbet Park
(Mon - Sat)
(10am - 05 pm)

Becoming a Person of Influence

Everyone has influence, the question is how are you using it? Are you building meaningful relationships over time?

In this podcast episode Mzwandile speaks to the journey of becoming a person of influence.

He shares fives thoughts on how best you can grow your influence:

  1. Intentionality, you need to be intentional in order to be a person of influence
  2. Integrity, you need to walk the talk in order to build trust and gain influence.
  3. Don’t despise the days of small beginnings, be willing to start somewhere.
  4. The ability to connect with others, who are the biggest influencers in your life and who do you influence?
  5. The ability to connect others, don’t close the door behind you, keep it open so that others can also walk through it.

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